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#1 u p d a t e

... love love love love love love love love love love love love

N a v i g a t e

d a i l y p o l l u t i o n k i t t y l o v e c i r c u s e x i t

k i t t y

my name is nora-marie-antonette °-ō NOT i'm 17 yrs old and like to write & draw .__. i don't hate pretty much O.O ~ & i love my boy. ^-^
want more ;-; ?!

l o v e r s

keksiiii <3 MY SPACE WTH is thesi?! :O


..they're so human. perfection doesn't exist.

what is perfection? can i recognize it when it's right in front of me?
why do you always want that everything's perfect?
is perfection even beautiful? have you ever seen it? so how du you know?

i think perfection is a contradiction in terms.
yes, how can something without fail, that is something inhumane, be any good?
and don't we know perfection as a wonderful thing? can such a thing as perfection really exist?
we're looking for it such a long time. but you will not find it. vain.
so why don't we simply learn to love the small mistakes of life?
for example: if i write cyberspce instead of cyberspace..
yes it's not complete. oh, there's my mistake. error.
we should correct it quickly. before anyone noticed. under the carpet. it never existed.
the wrap must radiate spotlessness. unevenness is mercilessly eliminated.

what if this mistake conjures a smile on my face?
if this small fail makes everything so pleasently human?
so.. normal.

a mistake makes something unique. special.



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