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my name is nora-marie-antonette °-ō NOT i'm 17 yrs old and like to write & draw .__. i don't hate pretty much O.O ~ & i love my boy. ^-^
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no i did not miss.
i've also heard my alarm clock but in the moment it appeared in my dreams,
there was nothing i wanted more than just keep on dreaming ._.
& that's why i went home earlier from school. even though it was okay today.
german was good. english as well ~ what else..
i adore my english teacher *-*
the guy is just so cool. there's no one that comes over Mr. B !
how could i describe him? i think he's sth about 49 yrs old, is loose, relaxed,
smugly, very intelligent, has an awesome kind of black humor, is strict
but also friendly, drunkard & kiffer..
i simply appreciate him immensely.. yeah, english was so good.
but i couldn't have stand the rest of the day in school, really.
i think i'm missing music business now. at least i think today i would have had music business.
but perhaps even this communication teacher with her strange breathing exercises.
and so then it would be better that i'm at home
because today everyone would have had to do a 10-minute lecture in front of class
with the topic: MYSELF.
wth can i tell about me in 10 minutes?
and why?
why should i do sth like that, that just makes no fucking sense at all T~T
i just hate having a talk in front of many people abysmal.
i mean i'm really not shy at all. but nervous.
whatever, wanna know what i've just noticed on my way back home?
i noticed that i always listen to music wherever i am.
yeah i know nothing soo special 'bout that.
but i am totally lost without the appearing of it. when i experimently stopped music
everything was very strange to me. my environment has changed automatically,
nothing was the way it used to be.
it felt like everybody was staring at me like i'm the bad person who changed sth 0.0
in normal case, there is always this beat in which everything fits perfectly, even my steps.
but as this beat was gone, nothing was like i knew it.
i've noticed that i never was in u-bahn without listening to music.
i don't know the u-bahn without music.
or the station.
the city.
the street where i live.
even the elevator ._. man that's already crazy.
13.1.09 14:13

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keksiiiiiiiiiiiii / Website (13.1.09 21:26)
I adore my english teacher as well xD

You lived in Muenster? Thats odd, my best friend lives there xD Well, kinda, she lives in Telgte xD

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