´lu in circus

#1 u p d a t e

... love love love love love love love love love love love love

N a v i g a t e

d a i l y p o l l u t i o n k i t t y l o v e c i r c u s e x i t

k i t t y

my name is nora-marie-antonette °-ô NOT i'm 17 yrs old and like to write & draw .__. i don't hate pretty much O.O ~ & i love my boy. ^-^
want more ;-; ?!

l o v e r s

keksiiii <3 MY SPACE WTH is thesi?! :O


~ that this could be sth like a homepage °-ô

i'm just pretty bored, it's almost 3 AM on a monday
and in 5 hours school starts. 3 weeks holidays are OVER ;-;
three weeks of going to sleep at 6 AM and waking up at 6 PM.
i'm so sad. i rlly am, yes.

well, now back to the topic. this thing is not going to be big.
there won't be pictures or avatars or animations,
videos, music, downloads - nothing!
so you could better go to sleep or sth,
than longer stay on this page :'D


12.1.09 02:57

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keksiiiiiiiiiiiii / Website (12.1.09 03:07)
Good morning #grml#
Ew, first schoolday - that's hard. School started already a week ago for me, so I know how you feel. Eeeew. Someone should kill whoever invented school.

keksiiiiiiiiiiiii / Website (12.1.09 05:48)
answer to your comment on my page #gg#

Well, I was bored and there's this list on myblog.de where it says who blogged last and I was looking around and hey - you were writing in english, so obviously I had to comment you =)

Sleeping would be sooo nice XD But now it's too late #grml# Well, at least now I've got the biggest breakfast for school ever! Two sandwiches and an egg ... I am sooo looking forward to that xD Took me 30 minutes just to make those two sandwiches ... If they dont taste im gonna kill myself XD

keksiiiiiiiiiiiii / Website (12.1.09 14:49)
Oh mein Gott, du hast mich wirklich verlinkt *_* Muss ich doch jetzt gleich auch machen =)
Deutsch schreiben ist manchmal echt ... plöd xD
Du isst Pizza um 6 Uhr morgens? Ach du scheiße, das erinnert mich an meinen Freund. Ich glaube, der würde das auch fertig bringen :D
Köln ist übrigens toll - wo hast du denn vorher gewohnt?

Liebe Grüße
Schule hab ich für heute hinter mir XD
Keksi :>

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